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The first of what will hopefully be an acceptably-fruitful number of art posts.

So after a long, lazy winter break, I finally decided to get off my ass and do/post some art.

Since art is, in all likelihood, the only thing I am and ever will be qualified to talk about, I might as well put it up here!

In a blinding flash of effort-that-I-should-actually-be-putting-in-every-day-rather-than-once-in-the-entirety-of-winter-break, I drew two pictures!

... And also finally posted the entirety of my senior seminar project, a textless graphic novel titled BONES (because I'm super creative).

The art is cut for the sake of peoples' scrollbars.

POKEMON. This is actually a potential illustration for a post over at the roleplaying game I'm in, Route 29, but it stands pretty well on its own, so W/E W/E I DO WHAT I WANT.
Cheryl the Eevee, Val the Tyrogue, and Wren the Murkrow are the three Pokemon that Heather (the character I play there, for those not in the know. Except I think everybody who has this journal friended is or was a member of Route so THERE YOU GO) hatched out of eggs herself, which I guess is like... significant, somehow.
Because of the 'Mother of God' thing or something IDK MOVING ON.

They are bros.

Then there's some obligatory Silent Hill art because that's just what I do these days. All the days.

One thing I always found really amusing about the Silent Hill games is that the characters will literally draw little maps of their own upon finding places that aren't already marked on the map. Sometimes in multiple colors.

I just picture them hunkering down a monsterless corner and pulling out a little handful of colored pencils and getting to work.

It's adorable.

AND NOW TO THE STUFF THAT PROBABLY NOBODY CARES ABOUT, but I don't care because I spent all semester on this comic and didn't die. We had a turbulent relationship up until December 5th or so but now the comic and I are very happy together.

I've always been in love with graphic novels and essentially decided that I wanted to do something completely textless to see if ... I could pull it off, basically.

In any case, doing it was HELL, but I got a really good response in the end, even from teachers of mine who are super picky and critical of everything. We had our own show (that we set up entirely ourselves, the teeny weeny animation department-- us seniors (all FIVE of us, lol) got ourselves a grant and did all kinds of crazy work to make it possible) and even my old computer animation teachers (a pair of graduate student bros who make their own short animated films) came up and told me how impressed they were, which was kind of amazing because they are SUPER PICKY and one of them always made fun of me (... affectionately) for only being able to draw like Don Bluth.



It's over!

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