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It's that time again!

All right, trainers! Ready for your next big announcement post? If u can dig it, hop under the cut and check out what we've been working on!


Ah, yes. The ongoing revamp! Bit by bit, we’re tackling the FAQ and other Navigation pages for the sake of decluttering and updating. Here’s a couple that we’ve polished up!

Newbie Guide: Previously, there were like… three separate links on the Navigation page that all led to this same page, as well as some weird outdated information (when was the last time Professor Oak stood around in the middle of New Bark like some kind of town crier? Probably not since 2010!) This is the post that newbies will likely be clicking on first, so we wanted it to be as helpful and up-to-date as possible!
IC Police Contact: The IC Police Contact now has its own page, rather than being stuck in with Plot Suggestions where nobody would think to look for it. Report IC crimes here!
Berries & Apricorns: Following up the Item Availability page (which has also been updated to reflect the new info), the Berries & Apricorns page has also received a slick update! Check it out, because...


So, for the past...since the game was opened, anybody who’s gone to look at the Berry page may have noticed the section on Apricorns and how Kurt would only make the special Pokeballs for people during small mod run events. Now, this has never actually happened, and won’t be happening in the future. BECAUSE… drumroll…

As of this Sunday, we’ll be opening up the APRICORN ORCHARD, right near Kurt’s house in Azalea! For a small fee, characters will be able to pick a variety from the orchard and take them to Kurt to be crafted into specialty Pokeballs, which are now available in the game for the very first time. Characters are still free to find Apricorn trees all over Johto and Kanto, but if they don’t want to go hunting for them on the routes and dragging bushels of them all the way back to Azalea, this is the place to go!

The mods will not be personally running the Orchard, so anyone can visit and interact with Kurt, just as they would any other location or shop. Just don’t try to bug him in the middle of the night-- he’s an old man and he needs his rest!


We’ve gotten quite a few questions, suggestions, and comments about Pokemon distribution in the last month! While it’s mostly fine, it’s clear that the Pokemon distribution across both regions could use a little fine-tuning. So before we went in there and got crazy, we wanted to put the question out to all of you: is there anything, availability-wise, you think should be different?

Is there a Pokemon that shouldn’t really be rare but is only located on a single route in a distant corner of Kanto? Or a Pokemon that would make a lot of sense to be somewhere but isn’t for some reason? We want to hear about it!

This is not to say we will implement every single suggestion, but we will take them all into consideration when we revamp the lists. Comment HERE to leave yours, so we have them all in one place! And keep realistic-- no wild Charizards swooping around in Cherrygrove or Sunflora in the middle of Ice Path!


We’ve also gotten a few questions about samples. Namely about how the samples now require at least one thread, and also that the wording on what is needed for samples to begin with is unclear. Because of this, we’ve looked into the requirements and decided to tweak them a little for clarity.
There are still two samples required!
The first sample must be a thread (from anywhere) of at least five comments from you (previously, there were two different comment count requirements depending on the type of thread, which was confusing!). This requirement is so that we can better gauge how applicants are likely to play once in the game.
The second sample must take place in Victory Road’s setting and can be either a traditional sample post OR another thread, as long as that thread is from the Test Drive meme and has the minimum five comments from you. This requirement is meant to gauge how the character will integrate into the setting.
If an applicant has two threads of length on the test drive which spawned from the same toplevel, or just has multiple test drive threads, both may be submitted to fill the two-sample requirement.
Newbies who are going to be relying on the Test Drive for their required sample thread should feel free to state that in the subject line of their toplevel so that other players (or the mods, in a pinch!) know to give them a hand! The Test Drive meme post will be updated to reflect this information.
Accordingly, we want to encourage people to tag around on the test drive to help any potential newbies who don’t already have a thread available elsewhere, so we are ALSO going to be altering the Activity Check rules:
Starting with the next AC period, ONE thread may be turned in for AC from the Test Drive Meme, and unlike the normal in-game required comment count of three, it must contain at least five comments from you, for a total of ten comments in the thread. This is the length of a thread required for someone’s app sample. That way, it helps you and the newbies out! Teamwork!!


In our last announcement, we addressed the Type: Null dilemma and put forward an idea for how to successfully incorporate it into the game, which we were delighted to see was received positively by the majority who responded! We want to thank everyone who weighed in with their feedback and, having taken it into account, are excited to announce the FINAL, OFFICIAL details:

Type: Null will both remain on the starter list as a “Provide Justification” option (which we plan to judge very strictly), and be available to already-present characters as a bootleg Silph Co. creation, with the following stipulations:
  • Characters MUST willfully fill out an IC application, in person, at Silph Co. headquarters in Saffron City in order to be approved as a Type: Null “beta tester”. There will be no way to ‘accidentally’ stumble into obtaining a Type: Null, or for one character to forge the application in another’s name. Put simply, the only characters who can obtain a Type: Null are ones who are actively motivated to go and do it.
  • In order for their application to be approved, characters MUST have no fewer than six (6) Indigo League gym badges, from either or both regions.
  • One character = one Null. No exceptions! Silph Co. will not allow any trainer to have more than one Null at once.
  • Characters who receive a Type: Null will be unable to gift or transfer their Null to another trainer for any reason. Type: Nulls left behind by dropped characters will be swiftly repossessed by Silph Co. and cannot be taken in or claimed by the dropped characters’ CR.
  • Type: Nulls are genderless. They cannot be bred and will not produce eggs. No, not even if you give it lots of playdates with your friend’s flirty Ditto.
    As these Pokemon are effectively bootlegs based on stolen, incomplete research, they will be much weaker (think Larvitar or Dratini) than their canon counterparts. They can grow stronger with love and training just like any other Pokemon, but will never exceed what could be considered ‘normal’ strength for a Pokemon.
    Type: Nulls received by incoming characters as starters will also be of the weaker Silph Co. variety.
    Instead of using Memories to change types, each Type: Null (along with their evolution, Silvally) will be limited to a single type, the same way that a Pokemon’s “Hidden Power” attack-type is chosen. That is to say, pick a type for your Null and stick with it! Their “Multi-Attack” move will reflect this choice.
    Silph Nulls may be noticeably ‘glitchy’ and exhibit odd behaviors or tics. The extent of which will be up to each player’s discretion (examples could range anywhere from having a tremor that flares up every once in awhile to being a total dysfunctional disaster Pokemon who bumps into walls and can’t seem to walk in a straight line), but as a general rule, they all seem to be a little… well, off.
    While Type: Null’s unique function will likely come into play for a future event, there will not immediately be any information available to suggest its original rarity, power, or purpose. Silph Co doesn’t want people knowing that they stole the idea! This should prevent character confusion about its pseudo-legendary status in canon. As far as anyone in the game is concerned, Type: Null is Porygon’s weird, less-useful-for-cybercrime cousin.

    We plan to implement this ICly sometime either in late April or early May. It will be accompanied by a big IC announcement when it happens, so characters will have plenty of notice!

    Thanks again to everyone who responded to the previous announcement; we understand this continues to be a sensitive issue for some, and would like to both thank (and encourage going forward!) our playerbase at large for continuing to handle it maturely, being respectful to us and one another even when opinions differ, and keeping the game a friendly, welcoming place.

    But in more immediate news...


    As our players who’ve been around for a while might know, this is a very special time of year for the game!

    That’s right.


    “Pokemon Prom” has been a yearly party event since 2013, and is admittedly mostly an excuse to get everybody dressed up in glitzy formalwear and partying hard with all their friends. Venues have been everywhere from the Elite Four’s private vacation home to the freaking moon. Needless to say, this is a tradition we’ve enjoyed for years and certainly don’t plan to break now! And boy oh boy, have we got some exciting ideas!

    Prom will be held this year starting on April 8th, and a detailed informational/plotting post will go up on April 1st along with April’s calendar-- and we do mean plotting, because this year’s Prom comes with a twist! We wanted to let all of you know well in advance, because there is one more app round before the event! So if anybody was wondering if they should get those apps in quickly, here’s your reason!

    And that's it for now! As before, everyone please feel free to jump in with questions or concerns about the above announcements-- particularly if you have suggestions for Pokemon availability!