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This is an introduction post I suppose!


There was once a time I regularly updated my Livejournal account with daily updates on my life. That was sort of a long time ago. I went to college and sort of started only posting updates every so often. Well, I'm almost graduated now (one more semester. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? ... Maybe you can, but I can't!) and while I probably won't have ANYTHING interesting to post after that, let's see how well I can do for the time being.

I came over here with the massive RP migration, and hey. New start.

So, uh, introductions.

My name is Kit! I am an animation major attending a large university in Massachusetts that is best known for its crazy parties, but I don't participate in any of them because I don't know how to people.

I can usually be seen wandering around in a coat way too big for myself and carrying copious amounts of art supplies, with hair that looks like it wants to escape my head and wander freely around the world like that guy from the Where the Hell is Matt movie. Sometimes I have a hat.

I enjoy drawing, writing, roleplaying, colors, Silent Hill, cats, apple cider, and things that make me happy. Things that make me happy include but are not limited to drawing, writing, roleplaying, colors, Silent Hill, cats, and apple cider.
There are a lot of other things that make me happy, but I don't feel like typing about all of them so I'll leave them ambiguous for the time being in the hopes that it will make me appear pleasingly mysterious.

I rarely sleep, although whether this is because of my workload or because I'm just not good at being unconscious is up for debate.

Online, I have a history of drawing lots of things. I worked on a published comic once. That was pretty cool.

Currently my main goals in life are to finish college without dying, to find an apartment and a job next year, and not to suck at things.

I roleplay at and assist-moderate the Pokemon-based panfandom game Route 29, which is on LJ but will hopefully be moving here because LJ is kind of being a gigantic turd and who likes gigantic turds, seriously.

I write lots of things but admittedly most of them are either original stories or Silent Hill fanfiction, because I am a one-trick pony and I don't actually do very interesting things with my time.

I'm not really sure where I was going with any of this so I'll wrap it up now.

THIS JOURNAL will likely be used primarily for artwork and writing (both fandom and original) along with the occasional interesting real-life situation or musing.

Thanks for reading!

I have no idea how to gracefully close an introduction post.
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Welcome to Dreamwidth!
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Who does know how to gracefully close introduction posts, seriously? I nearly always go the silly Pokemon-esque introduction of A WILD KIWI HAS APPEARED and then silly battle text. It seems the safest.

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They really are. it's like the exposition section of a book; no one really wants to read it but it's necessary anyway!