22 March 2012 @ 02:59 pm
So I think this journal is gonna be for my art and writing and shit too or something.

Anyway I just realized I made shittons of Silent Hill icons so it'd be kinda cool to have a whole bunch of them in one place.

I made these all for my own personal use (I roleplay Heather on [personal profile] foolishwren, but as much as I kind of wanna hoard them all to myself, I know that if people out there are anything like me they'll yoink them the minute they find them, so uh in the event that you want to use any of these (either for RP purposes or personal journal icons), please credit either [personal profile] phantastus or this community, [community profile] dazlious!

Also, commenting if you're taking would be cool! I'm nice. I love you.

But in any case, here we go: roughly five thousand bajillion Heather/Silent Hill 3 icons. They range from facial expressions to KIT LOVE SILENT HILL BACKGROUNDS MORE SCENERY PORN MORE MORE MORE MORE. The quality varies pretty drastically because I don't actually know how to do things, I just pretend to, so they're all the results of different periods in time, different photoshop experiments, and different levels of sleeplessness.


Total Icon Count: 108


Current Music: "Little Secrets", Passion Pit